How to properly dispatch a fish

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This trout’s throat latch was cut immediately to bleed it out, gutted and rinsed thoroughly. Notice how pink and clear the flesh is. The flesh of a fish that hasn’t been bled will be considerably darker. This keeps the trout fresh for much longer and considerably improves taste.

40cm Rainbow

Today was pretty cold – about 0°, but the fishing was decent. Caught this one on a Mepp’s spinner, silver, size 2. Casting into the deep pool just beyond the bridge where the boulders are, the trout hit on the first cast, medium retrieve.

46cm Creek Chub

Caught on a Mepps Nr. 2 silver in a slow moving part of the creek with several boulders. There were two large chub – one of them hit the spinner on the first cast and missed. The second cast got the one in the photo. The second chub hit on the third cast, missed and then ignored subsequent casts.