In general: use the lightest tackle possible. This makes all the difference when covering a lot of ground and casting all day. I recommend high-quality japanese, american and european made brands: Shimano, Daiwa, St. Croix, Mepps, Rapala. It’s significantly more expensive and well worth it.

Rod: Medium-light fast action rod, 215 cm, 4-8 g. Perfect for long distance casting and strong enough to land big fish (4kg +) without compromising sensitivity. Allows for easy casting under over hanging trees and bushes.
My pick: St. Croix Tidemaster TIS70MLF3

Reel: 2500 reel, 5.6:1 gear ratio, 3-7 kg drag. Allows for long casts, fast retrieves, strong enough to land big fish (4kg +) without compromising sensitivity.
My pick: Daiwa Luvias 2510PE-H

Braid: 4-6 kg, 8 strand, thin diameter, dark green. Select line with a high quality, robust coating.
My pick: Daiwa Tournament 8 Braid Evo Dark Green

Leader: 2-3kg, flourocarbon, thin diameter. Length can be full to half the length of your rod.
My pick: Gamakatsu G-LINE Flourocarbon, 2.4 kg, 0.18 mm

Hooks: Size 4 or 6 single hook, thin wire, barbless, open big eye (for replacing treble hooks on lures and spinners).
My pick: Gamakatsu LS-3424F BL

Spinners: Size 2 and 3 (silver, gold, copper blade). Rooster tails (white, red, yellow, black).
My pick: Mepp’s, Worden’s Rooster Tail. I stick to a few basic colors with great success. Long casting, excellent flash, strong and vibrating spin, especially in fast current. My go-to is a Mepp’s plain silver size 2 tied directly to flourocarbon.

Hard Baits: small 2.5-5 cm, sinking (black/white, trout pattern).
My pick: Rapala CountDown, 5 cm, 8 g, rainbow trout pattern.

Sunglasses: Polarized cut out reflection and allow you to see into the water.
My pick: Adidas.

Uni-knot: Braid to flourocarbon (tie 1 side at a time). Pull tight and trim excess.

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